Product creation is a dynamic process.
And you are part of the process.

We were born as an independent form, years ago, many years ago, although not with the name Productea, we were more a group of freelancers, who made a living performing exporadic services.

Later some of our colleagues founded their own companies, or startups, and really saw how the entrepreneurial world worked. We decided to create Productea precisely to help all those entrepreneurs, who have a good idea, but need help with the approach of their product.

We believe that the current digital products are really advanced, the market is fierce, and obviously to compete it is necessary to present a product with a minimum of quality. The minimum that the user / customer expects.

With that premise we are born, with our particular ideology.

"If you are going to make a new product, think about what your customers expect and try to offer the best experience and product as possible."

Possibly the most complex question. Why? Because we believe. We believe there is talent. We believe there is opportunity and we believe there is potential. And for all those companies that have that talent, the capability and the potential but need help to finish defining their digital product, that's where we are.

We're here.

It's not a question of power. It's a matter of believing.

Yes, startups. Not exclusively, but with preference. In a sector that is very mistreated. Mistreated by traditional agencies, which present exorbitant budgets for people who just want an opportunity, a chance to assert themselves.

We have been and are entrepreneurs. We know what it takes, and that's why we want to make the journey with you. Count on us.

We know what it takes.


What is the most important asset? Time!

Yes, time is the most important value. There is limited time to execute, limited time to test, limited time to demonstrate.

User experience is also a time concept, how much time do we have to convince our customer/user? We value time and we adapt to the time needed, always with our concept philosophy of selective, not exclusive.